Men’s Master

220 hours. Aimed at new stilists and professionals who want to start in the world of the barbery.
We have designed this course in three parts through which you will learn all the necessary techniques to become a barber stylist.

Men’s Barbering. 40 hours. Designed to understand all the techniques of cutting, shaving and beard design.
Essential men. 1100 hours. Designed for students with or without experience
Men’s collection. 80 hours. Advanced techniques course.

Men’s barbering
- Facial massage
- Style and beard wash
- Cutting beard technique with machine
- Hygiene and hot towel technique
- Entire beard

Essential men
- Material and its manipulation
- Classic men’s cut and styling service
- Short haircut
- Staggered men’s cut and styling and graduations

Men’s Collection
- Mastery of the disconnection technique and identify the textures
- Male stylization and visagism
- Complete cutting technique

Student file
Perfect for professional stylists without experience in the barber shop or experienced professionals who want to perfect the gentleman’s technique.

Duration 6 months
Format 3 days a week. 3 hours a day
Price Financing: 8 payments
1º payment, registration: 180 €
6 instalments:190 €
Final payment degree: 180 €