Our Essential Colour Course is the perfect introduction in the vibrant world of colour in hairdressing, as the creation and application of the colour is an hability that will increase your hairdresser potential.

During the course you will learn colorimetry bases, as dominate the color chart to maximize all its potential. As well as the total colour techniques and combination with the cut through practical demostrations and daily work sessions.
You will dominate the selection of colours thar complement the skin colour shade of you clients and the choice of application techniques for a new dimension to final look. We firmly believe that dominate these key skills is a huge benefit before continuing with advanced colour techniques, so take the opportunity of making a mark on colour world.

- Total colour technics
- Color chemistry
- Colorimetry in hairdressing
- Color in the hair
- Color corrections
- Colour selection
- Color Visagism
- Practical sessions of colour with live model

Duration2 days
Format1 day a week, Monday
Schedule10:00 - 18:00
DateConsult calendar
Prize160 €
Ramiro Mata