Master Beauty Course

Master Beauty Course

The future professional of the aesthetic that selects Master Beauty Course has a fascinating way to go within the education of Ramiro Mata.

An exciting journey to train as a beautician and acquire a solid knowledge about the areas of greatest interest in the world of aesthetic beauty.
Throughout of it, will address in a rigorous each of the essential areas combining theory and practice based on the permanent attention of teachers.
This course achieves the establishment of a strong knowledge base of Aesthetics, a method of work firmly learned for each of the modules.
As well as the acquisition of attitudes that will guarantee success in the workplace: ability to understand the aesthetic needs of the person-client, exquisiteness in personal treatment, resistance at work and commercial vision.
They are the three pillars with which Ramiro Mata wants to equip his students, so that each one of them, endowed with his particular sensitivity, reaches his personal-professional goal.
Going into the world of SPA, of professional make-up, of the Own Cabinet, will be a challenge widely available to our hard-working student.


- 3 years (Nivel 3) - 33 months
- 3.150 hours / 1.050 hours per year


Morning session: 9:00 to13:00 (Theory/Practice)

Morning session: 9:30 to 14:00 (Theory/Practice)
Afternoon session: 14:00 to 18:30 (Theory/Practice)


1º Stage
- Diploma course
- Men´s Barbering Course
2º Stage
- Men's fashion Course
- Hair-up y hair-piecing Course
- Make-up Course
- Marketing y Management teams

What you will learn ?

At the end of the training cycle in Ramiro Mata you will have complete knowledge of the art of the stylist both in classical techniques and in the latest and most advanced techniques. You will also be able to direct and organize the development of your own salon, plan and perform hair treatments and apply hair styling techniques.

More specifically:

- Advise clients about possible changes in their personal image, through the care and aesthetic transformation of hair.
- Perform aesthetic treatments of hair alterations and apply capillary hygiene techniques.
- Change, totally o partially, the hair color.
- Cut the hair according to the selected style and apply fixation techniques.
- Permanently and temporarily change the shape of the hair, comb it and pick it up, depending on the style selected.
- Apply manicure and pedicure techniques.
- Perform the Administration, management and marketing in a small company.

Is for you?

The professional will do his/her work to people, so he should show interest in what he does and attend with kindness to his clients. It is also necessary creativity and a certain sense of the hairdresser to perform the work properly.

Other very appropriate skills
for professional practice:

- Manual dexterity.
- Sense of responsibility.
- Teamwork.
- Fluency and verbal communication.

Note that:

This kind of professional works in small and medium companies that have a direct relationship with the personal image, mostly in private rooms. These are self-employed professionals who work managing their own company or who work for others exercising their professional activity as employees, heads of departments or departments.

The most relevant occupations and work positions are:

- Technical artistic director of hairdressing salons.
- Stylist.
- Hairdresser.
- Manicure.
- Within the subsector of “personal services”, in the hairdressing activity.
- Provision of hairdressing services and advice and permanent customer service.

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