Men's Collection

Are you passionate about gentleman’s hairdressing?

Men’s Collection Course opens a new way. It has been designed to awaken the creativity and inspiration of the stylists through nine weeks of demostrations and individual work hand in hand with Ramiro Mata’s Art team. This course is dedicated exclusively to the latest fashion trends and techniques in men’s styling. A sector until now forgotten and increasingly demanding.

Visual Session: Intense and precise demonstrations of collection cutting techniques.
Work Session: Individual work sessions conducted by the artistic team of Ramiro Mata in which each professional will develop the techniques visualized in real models.

- Mastery of the disconnection technique and identify the textures
- Male stylization and visagism
- Complete knowledge of the collection cutting technique
Duration 9 weeks
Format 3 days a week. 3 hours a day
Duración 9 semanas
Formato 3 horas al día, 3 días a la semana
Ramiro Mata